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Portrait Name Company / Job Title Membership Member Since MScKM
KF Cheng's picture Mr. KF Cheng 鄭國輝
Prov ExCo Member
IntelliLife HK
Contributing Member 2012-11-02 2012
Dr. King Lam Choi EDAL Electronic HK
Product Design Manager
Basic Member 2016-11-08
Mr. Knox Tang BOCHK
Basic Member 2016-06-17
Mr. Kuntung Wang PolyU
Basic Member 2016-02-08
Le Chen PolyU
Visiting Scholar
Basic Member 2016-08-06
Mr. Leonardo Lee Innooconcept
Basic Member 2016-07-19
Mr. Linus Chan World Institute for Action Learning (Hong Kong)
Associate Director
Contributing Member 2017-06-28
Ms. Liz, Li Zhang Chinalife Insurance
Chief Representative
MScKM Member 2016-12-02 2017
MScKM Member 2018-04-02
Ms. Lolitta Lee MScKM Member 2013-01-03 2010
Miss Loretta Mak KCS Public Relation Consultancy Com Ltd
Business Development Manager
Basic Member 2016-07-19
Mr. Louis Fan PwC MScKM Member 2016-04-15 In Progress
Lucas Au's picture Mr. Lucas, Sin Hang Au 歐善恒 Plano synergy holding
Strategic Sourcing Manager
MScKM Member 2017-02-03 2018
Man Fung Lo PolyU
Basic Member 2016-08-06
Man Yan Chan's picture Ms. Man Yan Chan P&T
Contributing Member 2013-02-26 2012
Mr. Mandict Wong Tricor Services Limited
MScKM Member 2016-04-14 2016
Ms. Mandy Liu MScKM Member 2012-12-11 2013
Maria Leung's picture Ms. Maria Leung Wiselink Training & Consultancy Ltd.
MScKM Member 2012-09-11 2012
Ms. Maria Yau Architectural Services Department
Chief Technical Officer
Basic Member 2016-06-13
Miss Mavis Cheung Polyu
Basic Member 2016-07-27
Melody Lu's picture Ms. Melody Yiting Lu Student MScKM Member 2017-08-27
Miss Mica Chan Dunlopillo
International Sales and Marketing Manager
Basic Member 2016-02-08
Mike Sherman's picture Mr. Mike Sherman New Creation Services
Basic Member 2017-01-25
Mr. Nelson Ho buildingSmart Hong Kong
Immediate Past Chairman
Basic Member 2016-02-08
Nikolina Dragicevic The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
PhD student
Basic Member 2016-08-06
Mr. Ogden, Wai Ming Chan NA
Basic Member 2016-04-19
Oliver Ho's picture Oliver Ho 何志強 Hong Kong College of Technology
Basic Member 2018-06-11
Owen Lau's picture Mr. Owen Lau HKTDC
Database Intelligence Executive
MScKM Member 2016-03-06 2014
Miss Pak Yi Chung V-care development Ltd
Marketing Executive
Basic Member 2016-05-08
Patrick Leung's picture Mr. Patrick Leung Pharmaceutical Industry
Basic Member 2018-02-01
Patrick Tang's picture Mr. Patrick Tang 陳俊尹 Integral One Consultant
Corporate Coach
MScKM Member 2018-04-02
Paul Chan's picture Dr. Paul Chan City University of Hong Kong
Basic Member 2017-05-05
Mr. Paul Lui UVW Ltd
Product engineer
MScKM Member 2016-04-16 2012
Miss Peggie Ho urban spring
project manager
Basic Member 2016-02-08
Mrs. Penny Zhuang Crystal Group
Senior Clerk
Basic Member 2016-07-26
Ms. Percy Kwan MScKM Member 2012-12-11 TBV
Miss Pui Man Ip Boxz Lockers Ltd.
Sales And Marketing Executives
Basic Member 2016-07-26
Queenie Wong's picture Ms. Queenie, Pui Man Wong 黃佩文
Prov ExCo Member
Jakks Pacific (HK) Ltd.
Director, Merchandising
Contributing Member 2017-02-03 2018
Raimund Tse MTM Lab Japan Ltd
Head of Business Strategy
Basic Member 2016-06-17
Rain Yau's picture Miss Rain Hang Sau Yau Mattel Asia Pacific Sourcing Limited
Executive Secretary
MScKM Member 2017-08-25
Mr. Ray Chen HAECO
Business Improvement Leader
Basic Member 2016-07-22
Mr. Ray Cheung Tricor Consulting Limited
Principal Consultant
Basic Member 2016-01-08
Raymond Ng's picture Mr. Raymond, Kam Moon Ng
Prov ExCo Member
DLA Piper
KM Systems and Support Officer
Contributing Member 2016-07-05 2008
Ric Wong's picture Mr. Ric Wong 黃展浩 Student MScKM Member 2017-02-02 2018
Mr. Riley, Hin Yik Wong PolyU
Basic Member 2016-09-04
Ms. Rose, Bing Liu MScKM Member 2013-02-26 TBV
Mr. Roy Chik MScKM Member 2016-10-03 2009
Ms. Ruby Cheung Faithful
Basic Member 2016-06-08
Ms. Ruby Ko Cosmic Idea & Company
Planning Director
Basic Member 2016-07-08
Mr. S.K. Tam Lai On Construction
Basic Member 2016-07-25
Mr. Sam Lam Grand Dragon Leather Goods Mfy. MScKM Member 2013-02-03 2013
Miss Sammi Sin N/A
Basic Member 2016-07-25
Miss Sau Ting Chan CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
IT Manager
MScKM Member 2016-09-06 2010
Mr. Shamino Tse Peak Pacific Ltd
Assistant Manager - Projects
MScKM Member 2016-06-03 2014
Miss Sharon Chan Mission Group
Marketing Manager
Basic Member 2016-07-19
Ms. Sharon Chiu Masterson Technology Limited
Senior Sales Manager
MScKM Member 2016-01-28 2017
Miss sharon Yeung puffinmoon
Basic Member 2016-07-25
Sheung Man Yuen Mtel
Senior Project Executive
MScKM Member 2016-04-30 2016
Ms. Shida Lee Hong Kong College of Technology
Head of Dvision of Languages and Communication
Basic Member 2016-07-21
Ms. Shirley Chih Tak Wah
MScKM Member 2016-01-20 2018
Basic Member 2016-07-19
Mr. Sing Man Yau Calbee Four Seas Co.Ltd.
Plnt Manager
Basic Member 2016-05-06
Mr. Siu Fai Chan Hong Kong Polytechnic University
University student
Basic Member 2016-04-08
Ms. Siu Wai Poon Cathay Pacific
project manager
MScKM Member 2013-02-27 2012
Ms. So Ling Ho MScKM Member 2013-02-28 2012
Mr. Stanley Chan MScKM Member 2013-02-27 TBV
Mr. Stanley Mah MTM Lab Japan Ltd.
Executive Director
Basic Member 2016-08-06
Stella Cheung's picture Ms. Stella Wing Kwan Cheung Cargotec Asia Limited
Senior Sales Admin Manager
Basic Member 2017-05-05
Mr. Steven Chui Urban Spring Co., Ltd.
Assistant General Manager (OP & BD)
Basic Member 2016-07-26
Mr. Steven, S.K. Kwok HK PolyU School of Design
Executive Officer (Internationalization)
Basic Member 2016-07-25
Mr. Sui Tong Leung Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ass. Techinian
Basic Member 2016-07-26
Miss Tamara Sher None
Basic Member 2017-09-01
Mr. Terrence Chow ESD Services Limited
IT Graduate Trainee
Basic Member 2016-05-08
Terry Tse PolyU
Post-Graduate Student
Basic Member 2016-08-06
Mr. Thomas K.H. Ma Castco Certification Services Ltd.
Chief Executive
Basic Member 2016-07-27
Mr. Tim Chan Boehringer Ingelheim
Marketing Manager
Basic Member 2016-06-16
Timothy Lok Viseo
Project Manager
Basic Member 2016-02-06
Mr. Tommy Yim MScKM Member 2012-11-13 2013
Tony Lau's picture Mr. Tony Lau 劉沛然 Fusion Consulting Services Ltd
Managing Director
Basic Member 2018-01-03 2009
Mr. Valeriy Chichilanov The University of Brunei Darussalam
Basic Member 2017-09-25
Ms. Violet, Wan Sum Chan New World Department Store China Limited
Assistant General Manager - Corporate Communication
Basic Member 2016-06-16
Mr. William Chu
Basic Member 2016-07-28
Dr. William Eng HK Communication Art Centre
Basic Member 2016-11-08
Mr. William Siu innoWorld Limited
Basic Member 2016-07-25
William Ng's picture Mr. William, Wai Lim Ng 吳偉廉
Prov ExCo Member
Intertek Hong Kong
Technical Supervisor
Contributing Member 2012-11-24 2013
Ms. Xin Luo MScKM Member 2013-04-03 TBV
Xinzhang Xu HKJC
MScKM Member 2016-03-06 2018
Miss Xiuxiu Huang No company yet
No job
MScKM Member 2016-06-16 2016
Mr. Yi Yu Polyu
Basic Member 2016-07-26
Yu Fu itc
research student
Basic Member 2016-07-25
Miss Yuen Ting Lau nil
Basic Member 2016-09-08
Yvette Yang Neo Telemedia Limited
PR Director
Basic Member 2016-06-16
Zeus Lo's picture Mr. Zeus Lo 盧沛然 Pico Global
KM Manager
MScKM Member 2015-12-10 2016