Adding Content

There are many different kinds of contents available, we call the content-types, some of them are restricted to individual roles only according to the nature of the content-type. Trainings to the editor might be required for some of the content-types, which are available here on this platform.  For further assistance, the WebAdmin can be contacted at  There are some specific characteristics of attention:

  • Publicity - content under this platform can be roughly classified into the following publicity modes:
    • Public - everybody can see these pages without login.
    • Site users - public in the sense of login users.  Visitors without login will not see these pages.
    • Specific roles - only those users in certain roles configured can see these pages.
    • Groups - there are public and private groups, and there are default publicity nature for different types of groups.  However, individual pages belong to a group can optionally be configured as either site-wise public, or private only to the group members.