Common Useful HTMLs

The following are some useful HTML codes, which can be often used in editing content on the portal.  These codes are included here for the convenience of users who require to edit contents on the website.  These codes can be simply copy/paste into the content, and followed by minor modifications if necessary.  When using these codes, the following should be noted:

  1. HTML codes are accepted under input format of Filtered HTML or Full HTML.
    • Filtered HTML will filter out risky codes to avoid damage or virus to the website, but because of the same reason, some HTML codes are filtered out and result in incomplete codes entered.  In such cases, desired outcome will not be possible.  Switching to Full HTML might be needed, but not all users are authorized to the Full HTML mode for the purpose of site protection.
    • Full HTML will take all codes, but at the expense of virus and risks to the entire website.  For this reason, Full HTML is only available to authorized users.
  2. When entering HTML codes, users should switch to the source code mode first by clicking the "Source" button on the top left hand corner of the tool bar in the editing area.  This is a toggle switch and users can switch back and forth and see how the outcome looks like.

For other technical issues, please contact the administrator at