Types of Membership


The Association of KM Practitioners invites all like-minded knowledge-workers to join, those who are interested to explore how knowledge management (KM) can help their personal and organization development in this knowledge-based economy.  All are welcomed.

Type Description & Benefits
Basic Members Basic Members are knowledge workers who are interested in knowledge management, joining activities in KM, and connect with KM practitioners and professionals. Basic Members are eligible to participate in KMP activities, and receive news and notifications accordingly.  Basic members do not have voting rights.
MScKM Members MScKM Members are members who are either students or graduates of the MSc course in Knowledge Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  MScKM Members form an alumni eco-system with formal KM training, and are eligible to join the alumni-type activities or communities.  MScKM members do not have voting rights.
Full Members

Full Members are considered KM practitioners who are committed in pursuing learning for their personal development and career growth. A Full Membership is a symbol of qualified knowledge worker persuing continuous learning, or life-long learning.  Full members are eligible for:

  • additional profile listed on KMP website, which is good for attracting career and business opportunities online
  • automatic listing of participations in recorded KMP learning activities under their membership profile

There will be a path of growth from Basic Member to Full Member.

Contributing Members

Contributing Members are members who are committed in continued practising and applying what they have learned for the good of their personal development and career growth, and willing to share and help other members as contributions in KMP.  Contributing Members are considered to be real KM practitioners who can help others to learn too.  It is the entry to become a consultant, and eventually become Professional Members after enough contributions and real experience.  Recognized contributions of Contributing Members are recorded, and listed in their professional profile on the KMP platform.

Contributing Members are eligible for all benefits of Full Members, plus the following:

  • additional profile listed on KMP website, which is good for attracting career and business opportunities
  • automatic listing of recorded practices & contributions in their membership profile
  • participation in specific workshops or practice sessions designed by KMP and associated professionals
  • becoming hosts or organizers of events and activities as a professional practice
  • entitlement of KMP in their title to be printed on business card, meaning a recognized KM Practitioner
  • KMP email address @kmp.hk
  • printing of KMP business cards at own cost
Professional Members Professional Members are considered a KM professional, with proper academic requirements and solid relevant experience assessed by the KMP.  Professional Members are considered mature KM professionals with the knowledge and experience to work as an recognizable independent consultant, act as mentors for other practitioners, and lead different business and professional activities.  Professional members will help promoting knowledge management in Hong Kong, helping organizations and other members to grow, and made contributions to KMP and the Hong Kong society.  There will be a path of growth from Full Member to Professional Member.


Membership Requirements & Fees


Type Requirement Annual Fee
Basic Members No specific requirement.  All knowledge-workers can apply.  Anybody who are interested in knowledge, learning, sharing, collaborations and networking are welcomed.  The Basic Membership is the easiest entry to the KMP. Free
MScKM Members Students or graduates from the MSc in Knowledge Management from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Free
Full Members

Basic & MScKM Members are eligible to upgrade to become Full Members if they satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • A MSc in Knowledge Management degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, or an equivalent and relevant degree from other recognized Universities in Hong Kong or overseas; or
  • Basic members of KMP for at least 2 years, plus:
    • Nomination by at least 2 KMP Full Members, and
      • Recognized academic qualifications in relevant discipline by the KMP authorites; or
      • Recognized managerial or consultancy experience as deemed appropriate by the KMP authorities
  • Recognized management experience, plus:
    • Nomination by at least 2 KMP Full Members and 1 Professional Member; and
    • Satisfy the assessment by the KMP authorites

There is a non-heavy CPD (Continual Professional Development) requirement as Full Members, which is basically a symbol of commitment and contributions for personal development and achievement.  The CPD system is currently under review and is not applicable until it is implemented.

Currently under review and expected to be around HK$150 per year.

Contributing Members

Same as Full Members, plus:

  • Additional CPD requirement for practices and contributions as a commitment.
Currently under review, and expected to be around HK$300 per year.
Professional Members

Full Members or Practitioner Members are eligible to become Professional Members if they satisfy one of the following requirements:

  • currently under review, to be announced later.
Currently under review, and expected to be around HK$500 - HK$1,000 per year


  • Membership fees are applicable for a proper and healthy sustainable operation of the association. There are costs incurred in maintaining a Non-Profitable Association like KMP, even though there would be donations, and even though most of the operations rely on volunteers.  The principle of membership fees are affordability and reasonable.  Membership fees can be reviewed from time to time as necessary, and will be published on KMP website.
  • Supporting evidence or the relevant academic or professional qualifications might be required for applications during the membership application at different levels.
  • All members are required to abide by the Code of Conduct, and the Rules & Regulations.
  • For more details of the the Terms of Reference click here.

The Executive Committee (ExCo) is continually working on more details.  Information published on this page are subject to change without prior notice.


Member Benefits


The following table provides an overview of comparison of benefits for members at different levels:

Benefits Basic MScKM Full Contributing Professional
Joining Fee Free Free Waived Waived Waived
Listed on Membership Directory
Main Profile for Individuals
Publishing Blogs  
Full Access to Job Ads  
Activities Participation Listing    
Rights of Voting    
Enhanced Profile for Individuals      
Recognition as KMP Practitioner      
Personal Contribution Listing      
KMP Email Address      

Printing of KMP Business Card

(@ own cost)

Provision of Internal Services      
Provision of Public Services       Apprenticeship
Hall of KMP Practitioners Listing      
Rights to be Elected      
Hall of KMP Professionals Listing        
Terms of Reference


The Terms of Reference for Basic, MScKM, Full and Professional Membership:

  • Terms of memberships is 1 year, renewable at the start of each calendar year on January 1.

The Terms of Reference applies to the Executive Committee (ExCo) members as follows:

  • Appointments to the ExCo cover 2 calendar years which ends on December 31 of each term.
  • ExCo meetings will be held once a month to cover operation of the association. All ExCo Members are obliged to fulfill 70% of participation and legitimate attendance in this the ExCo meetings. Additiional meetings might be needed on an ad-hoc basis, as requested by the President or the ExCo Chairman.
  • Appropriate meeting procedures and proceedings should be followed, and published on KMP website
  • Unless otherwise exempted under special situations, ExCo Members should be Professional Members, and fulfill the requirement of Professional Members at the same time, including membership fees and CPD requirement whenever applicable.
  • Individual roles in the Executive Committee will bear respective responsibilities, and associated requirements.

The Terms of Reference applies to the Advisors as follows:

  • Terms of Advisors vary depending on the nature of the advisors.  It can be life-time or fixed term as long as the terms and requirement as Professional Members are followed.


CPD Requirement


Professional by Practice is the principle of KMP.  Continual Professional Development (CPD) in Knowledge Management is a facilitation service provided by KMP to the Contributing and Professional Members who are interested to be recognized as a KM professional by practice.  A structured approach is designed to help ensure maintaining competence.

CPD opportunities can range from recognized courses, workshops, services and practices, etc.  A CPD system is designed as an accumulation by points on an annual basis.  Achievement of required CPD fulfillment is necessary to retain in the respective KMP membership levels as published on KMP website.

The CPD system is under development, and will be available once completed.  KMP welcomes any proposals from the Contributing or Professional Members which fit their own development subject to the approval by the Executive Committee and the Board.